Top 10 Small Forwards in NBA History


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10-T) James Worthy

Teams: Los Angeles Lakers
Years: 1982-94
PPG: 17.6
RPG: 5.1
APG: 3.0

James Worthy went from one of the most celebrated college players in history to one of the league’s premier franchises. When “Big Game James” joined the Los Angeles Lakers he didn’t disappoint. Helping his teammates Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar win three NBA Championships.  

This seven time NBA All-Star won his championships in 1985, 1987 and 1988. Worthy earned his nickname “Big Game James” for his great performances in the biggest games of his career. His propensity for being clutch was never so obvious as when Worthy won the NBA Finals MVP in 1988.

Worthy was a scoring machine that could get points in a variety of ways on the floor. Filling it up on the wing with his great mid-range game, running the floor in transition or driving their way to the goal and finishing at the rim. Worthy’s championship pedigree, propensity for scoring and big game moments made him an NBA Hall of Fame member.

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