Top 10 Point Guards in NBA History


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(AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)

The point guard position is arguably the most important in the game of basketball. In a sport where success is determined by how well a team utilizes ball possession, it is the point guard who carries the bulk of this responsibility. Known as the “Floor General,” a skilled point guard must lead an offense through the battles of each possession.

The point guard position captures the imagination of sports fans everywhere. Typically the smallest player on the court, these warriors go up against giants. Looking like you and me, they orchestrate their offenses with precision and grace. With mind boggling handles and un-worldly vision these athletes dazzle us.

Many of the great point guards of the game can dominate a game without even scoring. Creating baskets for their teammates all game and taking over when victory is on the line. Doing anything, anytime to help lead their teams to victories.

Point Guards come from all ilks; from great shooters, superior play-makers, team leaders and lighting quick skills. The great point guards can do it all. Whether it is shutting down their defender, starting the break and creating for an easy finish for their teammate.

Here is a list of the greatest play-makers to ever capture our attention. Check to see if your favorite player made it.

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