National Football League Draft Grades | 2015


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The NFL Draft has gone from a blip on the national sports radar to being one of the most watched sporting events of the year. The draft symbolizes the hopes and dreams of every die hard football fan in the nation. Hoping to find their team’s next piece to the championship puzzle or their next franchise player. Whether it is in the first round or the seventh, every pick excites and gives hope to their fans.

This years draft was highlighted by the two quarterbacks drafted #1 and #2 overall. After the first two overall picks the draft was full of wide receivers in the 1st round. No doubt due to the league’s new pass happy offense. There was also two running backs drafted in the 1st round, after none being taken last year.

All of us can always pick apart these teams drafts, but they are only our opinions and projections. As always, none of these drafts can be judged until years down the road. There are many OTAs, training camps and seasons until we know just how well these teams drafted. Despite the uncertainty we can’t help, but try to judge the drafts anways. Here are our draft grades for all 32 NFL teams for this year.

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