Worst Team Names in Professional Sports


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You will see why I decided to write this article later. However, there are several team names that have vexed me for years. They were either corny or didn’t make sense to me. The most interesting part of writing this article was finding out how the team names originated. There were certain names I wasn’t sure about such as the Red Sox, White Sox, Browns and Bills. After researching how the names were chosen, I felt a lot better about some of the team names.

Some of them actually had really cool stories like the Bills actually being named after the famous cowboy and frontiersman Wild Buffalo Bill. Also, I’ve always like the Browns simple uniforms, but had no idea why they were named the Browns. They were named after Cleveland’s famous hometown hero Paul Brown.

For the record I am partial to team names that have local significance such as the Pittsburgh Steelers, Milwaukee Brewers or Philadelphia 76ers. I’m a strong believer that if a team moves and the team names has a bond with the city and that it should stay with the city. The Cleveland Browns and the Seattle Supersonics are perfect examples of this.

Lastly I can’t stand generic, obvious and redundant team names. Some of my suggestions for this list might leave something to be desired for certain people and fan bases. It is a list that should lead to a lot of debate, but I think most people will agree with my choices.

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